Sustainable Agricultural Center for Rural and Community Development

SACRCoD is a nongovernmental organisation that started in 1998 as LIKOTACIG, a common initiative group that worked with local communities only in limited areas as participation in field schools and cooperative activities in the area of cash crop production. In the changing world where challenges to the environment and agriculture are inter connected, we saw the need to increase and extend our sphere of influence and work from local to region, national and even international boundaries. The organisation is made up a mix of young graduates, experienced farmers and experts in the field of agriculture and environmental protection who seek to create positive impacts.  

We are result- based and work with a team of resource persons ,consultants and volunteers to address key agricultural and environmental issues that affects nature, livelihoods and communities in Cameroon and related nations. We use capacity building  as an approach to search and shear information, create awareness and address issues of global, national and local concern: climate change, Biodiversity conservation, water and waste management, food safety and food security, land degradation, organic and sustainable agriculture.

The organisation runs small holder cocoa farms summing to more than 50 hectares of land and palm farms summing to about 10 hectares of land. These farms are managed by more than 26 permanent workers and host of hired labour in different localities in the SWR.