SACRCoD in partnership with our collaborators, we run an integrated nursery project for sustainable crop production and agro forestry at different locations, in the South West Region (SWR). The main unit is compose of a food crop sub unit, a timber sub unit, Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) sub unit, cash and fruit crops sub units and the off forest based agricultural sub unit

In the food crop sub unit we carryout rapid seed multiplication for major food crops like yams and plantain

The timber unit is made of different timber species for farm integration, water catchment restoration, and forest regeneration.

The unit for NTFPs grown to help farmers integrate them into the local farming system. Their products are of high economic, medicinal and nutritional values. They form an integral part of the forest ecosystem and need to be domesticated to preserve forest reserves.

The unit of cash crops is set to support farmers in season of extended dry seasons where many farms suffer lost due to bush fires and drought conditions.

The unit of fruits is established to initiate a base for orchard creation within local communities in order to increase community green space.  It also target farm integration in order to increase nutrient intake and income diversification.

The off forest based sub unit is aimed at promoting agricultural activities away from the forest. Some of the activities include bee farming, mushroom and snail cultivation and home gardening.