Sustainable Agricultural Center for Rural and Community Development

Our staff is made up a mix of young graduates, experienced farmers and experts in the field of agriculture and environmental protection who seek to create positive impacts. We alsowork with a team of resource persons ,consultants, volunteers and interns to address key Environmental issues in relation to local communities.

Mr Thomas Nfuanyi Nkeu : Managing Director: IT Expert with more than five years experience in hardware maintenance and repairs. Has experience in project management and coreculum studies and sectaryship

Lekeanju N Tayoh: President: Holder of M.Sc in Organic Food Chain Management, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart and BSc in Environmental and Resource Management at the Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus, Germany. Has above 10 years’ experience in tree and food crop production. Has research and project expertise on sustainable agriculture, land use, environmental hygiene, integrated nursery and rapid seed multiplication. Also has expertise in agricultural transformation and industrial production. He is now focus on hand on training for economic empowerment and impacting effective knowledge on local communities from grass root level and bringing healthy food from farms to table, by means of action projects and local capacity building.

Ambe Emmanuel Cheo, PhD: Assistant Executive officer: PhD holder in Philosophy and Environment and MSc holder in Environmental Resource Management from the Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus- Stefenberg, Germany. Has over 6 year experience on Climate Change and Integrated Water Resource Management. Has research and project expertise in In depth knowledge of the concept and application of Integrated Water Resources Management, Water and groundwater management, Hydrogeological exploration for drinking water, Rainwater utilization by means of cisterns, Water extraction from bore wells and water quality regulations, Sustainable development and environmental protection, Coaching and training on diverse environmental topics.

Daniel Obasse Makolo: Secretary General/ Farmers schools and Exhibition Farm Manager: Holder of BSc in Geography and Cartography from the University of Dschang, Cameroon. Has a firm hold on crop production, sustainable timber and tree crop integration and marketing of cash crops like cocoa. He also expertise in farmers filed school and community based exhibition farms.

Tanyi Helen ESongnyor; Project Manager/ Nursery, Farm and forest field officer: BSc holder in Botany from the University of Yaoundé 1, Cameroon and holder of HND in forestry from the National Forestry School in Balmayo, Cameroon. She has expertise in Forest inventory, Systematic botany, Community forest management, forest exploitation, Sylviculture (nursery, re-afforestation), Vegetative propagation of both forest and agroforestry trees, domestication of Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) and some wildlife species. She is now focusing in nursery development and plant propagation of timber and NTFPs for farm integration and re-afforestation.

Mrs Alemawung Victorine Nzengung: Human Resource Officer: Holder of BSc in Geography and Environmental Management from the University of Dschang and Diploma in Human Resource Management from Pan African Institute of Development (PADWA), Buea. Has expertise in pedagogic inspections, advice and training. Has also build experience in recreational and cultural activities and in sectary-ship. At present has deep interest in environmental protection and positive impartation of local communities via training and workshops to improve livelihood and community welfare.